New RAIDdeluxe disk arrays with 12 Gbps backplane

RAIDdeluxe RDL-CD24F16D / RDL-CS24F16D RAID Subsystem
RAIDdeluxe RDL-CD24F16D / RDL-CS24F16D disk array

The RDL-CDxx (dual controller) and RDL-CSxx (single controller) disk arrays feature enormous host performance to increase system efficiency and performance.

They are available with 12 x 3.5 LFF, 16 x 3.5 LFF and 24 x 2.5 SFF HDD bays and 16 Gbps Fibre Channel or 12 Gbps SAS host interface.

16 Gbps Fibre Channel models:
12 HDD bays: RDL-Cx12F16x-R2 series
16 HDD bays: RDL-Cx16F16x-R3 series
24 HDD bays: RDL-Cx24F16x-R2 series

12 Gbps SAS models:
12 HDD bays: RDL-Cx12S12x-R2 series
16 HDD bays: RDL-Cx16S12x-R3 series
24 HDD bays: RDL-Cx24S12x-R2 series